Meet Jennifer Worrell: Educator Bio

Elementary Educator Jennifer WorrellJennifer Worrell’s World

Elementary Educator Jennifer Worrell wants to live in a world where teachers have adequate compensation. Teachers would also have toolboxes full of differentiated instructional strategies for all types of learners. In this magical unicorn world, even new teachers could feel comfortable buying flip-flops out of something other than the $0.99 bin at Target. AND they wouldn’t have to spend their Sundays writing complex lesson plans trying to guess how to best help their struggling students.

Jenn’s Credentials

As an educator with experience teaching grades 2-8, Jenn completed her undergraduate work in Elementary Education and English. Her Master’s is in Reading, and she recently certified as a Reading Specialist. Wal-Mart recognized Jenn as their Regional Teacher of the Year in 2004. She is also Virginia’s 2015 Region III Teacher of the Year. Jenn has created and shared professional development programs in her district and at state universities. She has also facilitated educational focus groups in her district and in colleges across the state.  Jenn renewed her National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist in 2015.

Job #2

All that writing led Jennifer Worrell to her second job as a blogger and freelance writer. She has written for educational publications like Virginia Journal of Education and Bored Teachers. She also writes about family-related topics for Her View from Home, Red Tricycle, and The Today Show’s Parenting Community. In the past, she’s written for Practical Horseman, Virginia Wildlife, and Women in the Outdoors. Jenn also runs a family blog called Meaningful Connections, this educational blog, and a pet blog named Paws and Connect.

For Fun

When she’s not teaching and writing, you can find her and her husband chasing their two little kids around a soccer field. They can also be found taking road trips to see their two grown kids and their families. When things quiet down, Jenn might take a minute to walk her cranky old beagle on the beach.

As she continues her quest to create a magical parallel universe where teachers have access to leveled instructional materials to meet all their kids’ needs, you can find her differentiated and movable products on Teachers Pay Teachers. She believes that when kids can manipulate text to create their own meaning, then they can comprehend on their own terms.

Additionally, you can find more about Jenn on Pinterest and Instagram. Give her some likes and follows so you can be part of her happy little world, too!