Six Ways to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

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There’s no way around it, Friends—the flu germs are here. Our house got hit hard with the crud these last two weeks. I haven’t had the flu in twenty years, but I’ve missed three days of school. This flu was a Thursday night through Tuesday catastrophe. Fever, vomiting, aches, and a cough that wouldn’t quit. Could I have prevented it? Doubtful—every person in my house was sick. Could I have made it easier on myself? Perhaps. Here are a few ideas to stay healthy during flu season from a seasoned expert.

Wash Your Hands

Duh. We have had this drilled in our heads for the last several years haven’t we? That’s because it works. When you touch your students’ stuff, wash your hands. After you grade their papers, wash your hands. Forgo the hand sanitizer unless you can’t do the whole wash routine. That clear goo will work, but hand washing is the best option for this time of year. Keep some lotion near your sink to avoid dry, cracked winter hands.

Sleep Well to Stay Healthy During Flu Season

It’s the holiday season. Who has time to sleep? Friend, you’d better make time to get your seven to eight hours. Your holiday of choice won’t be fun if you’re crashed out with some virus. Sleep is critical when the germs run rampant. That stack of grading can wait. Go to bed. Now.

 Wipe Down Your Desks

Your school division may have parameters as to what you’re allowed to use, but if you can wipe your surfaces down with sanitizing wipes, do it. Consider running a wipe over your kids’ desks between classes or when they’re at lunch. Wipe your door handles and your pencil sharpeners. Lysol Wipes are your friends when you’re trying to stay healthy during flu season.  

Take Your Vitamins

I’m not a doctor, and you should always ask your doctor before you take ANY supplements. Some supplements will lessen the effectiveness of current medicines like birth control or other important prescriptions. That said, I take Vitamin C gummies with my normal multivitamin. Elderberry is another immune support gummy that I give my family. This one has Vitamin C and Zinc in it already. When I feel a cold coming on, I immediately take a generic form of ZiCam. This dissolvable little tablet of zinc has stopped the throat tickle right in its tracks before. When I noticed my flu symptoms, I ran out to buy some zinc, but it didn’t work this time. Maybe I was too late? Maybe I was too sick? Who knows? I did kick this with not secondary infection, so there’s that!

Skip the Gym…

and take a walk or run outside instead. Grabbing some natural Vitamin D, fresh air, and exercise is always healthy. Fresh air is always better than stale inside air. Avoiding people at the gym and the germy equipment for a day or two can’t hurt. Don’t skip your workout unless you’re feeling sick. Exercise helps you sweat out toxins and makes you feel happier as days get shorter.

Prepare in Advance

In the event that you do get sick, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is creating lesson plans. That’s why you may want to create several days’ worth of emergency plans in a sub notebook. If you get hit with the crud, all you have to do it direct your guest teacher to your notebook with all your student lists, procedures, and seating charts already written in. Boom. You can nap, knowing your room is ready for your absence.

Hopefully, you won’t be affected by all the germies floating around. But if you are, these simple steps may help you stay healthy during flu season. Happy (and healthy) teaching!

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