February Literacy Products for Grades K-2

I can’t believe we’re already in the last half of January. Where has the time gone? I am completely flummoxed. I mean, it was just November, and we’re now thinking about February? WHAT? Here are a few February literacy products for grades K-2.

February literacy products for grades k-2

Valentine Decodables

These foldable decodable texts are perfect for the days leading up the Valentine’s. You could use these to review blends, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, and vCe. These skills are consolidated in these texts for review purposes. As a bonus, each text can be copied onto 1 page. You can then fold each one into fourths. These little books will fit perfectly into a quart size zip top bag that you can send home with students for extra practice.

February Literacy Products for Grades K-2
February is a fun month to treat your class to some fun activities!

More February Literacy Products for Grades K-2: Decodables

I created these products for my own intervention groups and for a teacher pal who was having trouble finding texts that her striving readers could manage. Each of the passages linked below are decodable and review mixed phonics skills. The cool thing about each is that I’ve included two differentiated decodable passages in each set. Comprehension questions are also a part of each packet. These listed below are perfect for Black History Month.

George Washington Carver Decodable Packets

As with each of these decodables, you’ll receive differentiated packets you can copy for multiple groups with diverse needs in your class. I included cut-and-paste activities for sequencing and answering the “FIVE W” questions as well as a writing scaffold for a short biography on George Washington Carver.

Jackie Robinson Decodable Packets

You can serve your students with differing phonics skills with this set of passages as well. A cut-and-paste activity for who, what, where, when, and why questions is included. You’ll get one for sequencing as well, along with comprehension questions. Lower level readers can practice CVC, blends, and r-controlled vowels. Readers with more advanced skills will find vCe and vowel team patterns in their packets. Finally, kids can practice their writing with the short biography writing scaffold, too!

Rosa Parks Decodable Reading Packet

Like the other sets, this one includes differentiated texts that cover skills such as vowel teams and some diphthongs in the higher-level texts. Students needing the lower level texts will only need to decode limited vowel teams while practicing blends and r-controlled vowels. This contains two cut and paste activities and a writing scaffold as well.

Thurgood Marshall Decodable Readers

This packet contains similar activities to the others, and makes reading about this famous judge’s life accessible for all our readers. I have used all these packets with upper elementary striving readers as well. These work well to help these students practice comprehension and writing skills as well as work on their decoding.

Incorporating these February literacy products for grades K-2 into your plans will help you connect to the holidays and celebrations of the month. Additionally, you’ll give all your readers a chance to access non-fiction texts and work on their writing. Finally, these packets will make your planning SO much easier. Thanks for taking a look, and happy teaching!

K-2 February Literacy Products
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