Winter-Themed Science of Reading Freebies

Happy New Year, Friends! I hope everyone had a restful, happy, and fun winter break. I know we did. Our division gave us a full two weeks, and I am so grateful for the time I spent with family. I also did lots of cleaning and organizing—it’s nice starting off 2023 with my house in order. To celebrate that, I’d like to offer you all two winter-themed science of reading freebies!

Winter-Themed Alphabet Match Game

This memory matching letter and sound game is digital, so you can display and play it with your entire class to review letters and their corresponding sounds. When we can add some working memory work to our lessons, our kids really benefit. Bonus: these little games are FREE!!!

Decodable Readers: Fun Winter-Themed Science of Reading Freebies

I love giving my students decodable texts to take home to practice skills we’ve been working on. My first-grade intervention group needed additional practice with CVC words, so I wrote a couple of little books for them to take home. They loved them! I hope you will too! Whenever you can provide extra practice in the skills you’re teaching for your striving readers, growth happens.

Other Winter-Themed Products You May Like for Your Science of Reading Classroom

Winter Themed Decodable Text Bundle

I had the best time writing these. I created a whole set of CVC stories for my first graders about Max, a silly dog. This dog has all sorts of adventures while teaching your students about short a, e, I, o, and u words. There are also mixed CVC texts for practice as well.

The other set included in this bundle gives kids the opportunity to guess what animal is hibernating. These “What is in the Den?” texts allow kids to practice a variety of differentiated phonics skills while using clues to figure out what animal is sleeping. I included writing scaffolds for additional practice. You can work on the following skills with this set: mixed CVC, digraphs, blends, magic e, syllable division rules, and vowel teams.

It’s so easy to make these books. Simply print one page and fold. No fighting with the copy machine to make sure you get the pages in order, fewer copies, and all are small enough to fit in a quart-sized zip-top bag to send home. Plus, you can get this entire bundle of 30 books for under $5.00!

Winter-Themed Sound Boxes for CVC, Digraphs, Beginning, and End Blends

These differentiated sound boxes have been so much fun for my first and second grade intervention groups. These help us with orthographic mapping as well as phonemic awareness. Simply print, laminate, and cut! I’ve also hidden them in sensory boxes with cotton balls. The kids can “find” them and write in the correct spelling for each picture. I also distribute the cards in small group and have kids touch each box and say the sounds. With all the patterns represented in this bundle, you can use these cards in so many ways.

Hopefully these winter-themed science of reading freebies and products will help you in your classroom. Happy teaching!

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