4 Free Flipgrid Fliphunts

With all my colleagues learning to teach remotely, I’ve been exploring Flipgrid to try to support them with some cool activities. I shared a tutorial and some ideas for this video discussion app in this post. Flipgrid Fliphunts have so much potential to help teachers create engaging assignments and even formative assessments. That’s why I created some freebies for all of you to try right now! Check these four out. If you enjoy them, follow the links at the bottom of this post to some sets I created. Happy Flipping!

Free Geometry Flipgrid Fliphunt

Geometry Flipgrid Fliphunts

This Flipgrid Fliphunt will give your kids the chance to show what they know about plane and solid shapes, lines, angles, and other geometric terms through video! These videos could serve as assessment products for your distance learning geometry unit. Don’t forget–it’s free! Grab this Fliphunt now, and pin it for your friends!

Grab this Flipgrid Fliphunt freebie to complement your fiction book read-aloud. The video discussions kids share will serve as a great formative assessment for distance learning!

Fiction Book Read Aloud Fliphunt

Share your fictional read-aloud via video for your virtual classroom, then upload this free Fliphunt to your classroom grid. The kids can then add their videos about theme, character, vocabulary, and story elements. What a cool way for kids to demonstrate their comprehension! So much more fun than a pencil and paper quiz.

We all know kids need to read lots of non-fiction. Use this free NOn-Fiction Flipgrid Fliphunt to let kids show what they know about main ideas, details, vocabulary, and text features via video discussion.

Non-Fiction Book Flipgrid Fliphunts

Kids all need to be reading non-fiction–our data shows that. Non-fiction texts should be a big part of your distance learning or brick and mortar classroom. If you’re teaching virtually, you can share non-fiction texts in your Google Classroom, Seesaw, or other on-line teaching platform. Upload this free Fliphunt to your grid, share the code in your distance classroom, and let your kids start flipping! You’ll get videos to show what they know about main ideas, details, vocabulary, and text features. Grab this freebie, and pin it for later.

Looking to get your families together during a separation or quarantine? Check out this free Flipgrid Family Fliphunt!

Free Flipgrid Family Fliphunt

During times of separation, it’s important to bring people together. What better way than through a silly Family Fliphunt? Check this one out and share in your community, with your family, with your friends, or with your work team. Look at this post on Family Fliphunts for more information and ideas for community play.

Flipgrid Fliphunts make great activities for your virtual classroom. When we all return to brick and mortar classrooms, Fliphunts will be just as fun and engaging. Hopefully, these freebies will provide a fun way to engage students and assess their knowledge no matter where or how you’re teaching. Click the pins below for more Flipgrid resources–don’t forget to pin them for later!!

Family Flipgrid Fliphunts are a fun way to connect distant or quarantined families.
Flipgrid Fliphunts for Fiction and Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension

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