9 High-Quality Free Distance Learning Products For Kids

9 Free Distance Learning Products

There’s nothing like good teacher friends during a crisis! I have a group of colleagues who are working together to create free distance learning products while we quarantine. I’m so excited to share some resources we have been making. Check out this round-up of high-quality activities from my buddies and me. 

Distance Learning Digital Editable Choice Board

This product comes from our creative Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Sherri Miller, aka “The Techie Chick.” You can make cute choice boards for your students to complete in Google Classroom with this totally editable template. Once you download this, you can change it up for different circumstances, multiple groups of kids, or for quarantines that go way longer than expected.

9 Free Distance Learning ProductsComprehension and Word Study Activities for Students to Complete While They Read Their Favorite Books

My fellow reading interventionist, Savannah Campbell, is sharing this huge collection of activities for early readers in grades K-2. These will help children build their comprehension and focus on some spelling patterns in words. This resource is actually a center for big books that you could laminate and use over and over. You could also use different parts to change up the center often. Likewise, you can print out the entire packet or pick and choose based on what children are reading. Each activity is open-ended enough that you could use them with any book your child enjoys. Of all of our reading-based free distance learning products, this ranks as one of my favorites.

Functional Text Slime Recipe Activity

Savannah also shared this slime recipe with comprehension questions. Kids benefit greatly from practice with functional text. Since making slime excites kids so much, this activity will keep their attention.

St Patrick’s Day Math Task Cards for Fifth and Sixth Grade

My teacher pal, Hannah Cramer has experience with upper elementary math and now first grade. Luckily, she’s sharing all that knowledge with us! She has so many free products like this one in her Teachers Pay Teachers Store for you to check out. This set of task cards helps kids review decimals and develop some algebraic thinking.

Area and Perimeter Activity

Additionally, Hannah Cramer offers this product for upper elementary students. Kids can easily get confused by these two concepts, so they need lots of opportunities to practice. This colorful activity will engage them while they work through the problems.

Picture Graph Activity

Allison French, currently a third grade math teacher, has an entire store full of colorful and creative activities for kids. She’s got a gift for getting tough concepts across to students! This desert-themed graphing activity made my own son smile! Kids have to use data to construct their own pictograph. They can decorate and color it as well.

Writing Prompt Choice Board and Task Cards

This freebie comes from my own store. I love to teach writing, but as a K-5 reading interventionist, I spend most of my time working with readers. This activity contains a writing prompt choice board and corresponding task cards. Either way you choose to use the product, kids will have a chance to imagine and be creative!

Memorial Day Writing Prompt Task Cards to Celebrate Our American Soldiers

Even though most of the free distance learning products mentioned here are geared toward younger kids, we didn’t want to leave older siblings out. As a former middle school writing interventionist, I created these prompts to inspire kids to celebrate our military. These task cards are for grades 6-12. Consequently, the more challenging prompts make kids really think.   

ABC Letters with Ideas for Use

If you need letters, this large alphabet set has multiple copies of each. The cards work for games, word building, and letter and sound identification. In addition, you might want to check out this article I wrote for more ideas for using magnetic letters and letter cards.

More Free Distance Learning Products

We have another whole list of products you can download without a Teachers Pay Teachers account here in this post. Hopefully, all these resources will help you, your students, and your families navigate this unusual situation. Once everything gets back to normal, though, you’ll have some great lesson ideas for when you get a new group of students!

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