5 Ways to Use Your Snow Day to Nurture Your Teacher Soul

Snow days are the perfect time to nurture your teacher soul.Glory be—we have a snow day! The sky opened up and gave us teacher-types a break from endless mid-year data collection and indoor recess. Hallelujah and pass the cocoa! This educational abyss between the Holidays and June early spring can really wear on a teacher’s heart. Can I get an “Amen?” Here are a few ideas to help you use this snow day to intentionally rejuvenate so you can get right back on that teaching train when the snow melts. I’ve also included some affiliate links for your convenience. You won’t pay more for buying through these links, but I may make a small commission.

Roll Over

Sleep and rest are vital to us teacher-types. We spend late nights grading and lesson planning, and compromised sleep schedules take a toll on our bodies. Put your to-do list to the side, and catch some extra ZZZZ’s.

Get Cozy

Put on your favorite cozy clothes. Light the fancy candles you’ve been saving for guests. Enjoy an unencumbered day in your home and spend some time being grateful for it, rather than trying to wrestle your dust bunnies and laundry piles into submission. If taking the day to clean will truly rejuvenate you, then by all means do so. If you’re cleaning just because you think you should, then forget about it. Today is a snow day. It’s not about shoulds and ought tos. It’s about you and your happiness. And happiness is a nice nap. So take one—guilt-free, of course. Just blow your candles out first.

Make Something

Whether you create a pot of soup, some cookies, a drawing, or a really good snowball, create something fun. Preferably, what you make should not be work-related. However, if making fun stuff for your students floats your boat and makes you happy, then go for it. Otherwise, open up your adult coloring book and get to work.

Nurture your teacher soul with these five easy tips. Take an Epsom Salts Bath

Yeah, I know this is such an old fart thing to do. I mean your grandmother used to soak in salts all the time. I used to think the same thing until I pulled a muscle running and tried some Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salts in a hot bath.

Let me tell you, Granny was on to something. My muscle healed quickly, and I instantly became addicted to salt baths. To me nothing feels better than to exercise and hop in that warm, fragrant water as a reward. I take my oil diffuser, some candles, and my Himalayan salt lamp into my bathroom while I’m drawing the water. I plug all of them into a safe outlet well away from the water so I don’t get fried while I enjoy all the ambiance.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten my husband hooked on salt baths, too. In fact, I’m writing this blog post while I wait for him to get out. My turn is coming!

 Pick Your Poison-and Enjoy!

Whether you enjoy wine, trashy novels, rude TV, or straight-up liquor out of the bottle—have a little today. You can watch the snow fall outside with a nice Red, a Bailey’s Irish Crème with cocoa, or a Jack and Honey. Throw in a Fifty Shades novel or a Sex and the City marathon, and you are golden.

Let’s face it, teaching will consume you if you let it. We educator types are all-in with all things school-related. It’s great to give our all to our students, but remember, we can’t allow our classrooms to be our whole life. Click To Tweet We are so much more than teachers. If we want to give our best to our kids, we have to take care of ourselves and make room for all of our needs in the equation. So embrace your snow day and enjoy it to the fullest. I’ll be in the bath if anyone needs me.


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